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Nobby's Super Website of Fun Clarecraft Discworld Event (CCDE) 2000
Last update: 12th August 2000

Ah, CCDE. Tents, fields, drink, people, drink, Terry Pratchett and others. Plus, of course, drink. This was the first time I'd gone along to one of these events and I must say it was pretty odd, but odd in a nice way. For a whole weekend people sat around and did whatever the felt like; including going to signing sessions, shooting each other with large water pistols and buying Discworld-related items from one of the purveyors of such items. Oh, and there was a bar too, which must have proved popular as it ran out of beer. >:)

For a selection of photographs from CCDE 2000, click here.
To view the photographs taken by my afpiancé, Martin, click here.
And to view Kate's photos click here.

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