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Nobby's Super Website of Fun Clarecraft Discworld Event (CCDE) 2000 Photographs
Last update: 12th August 2000

Click on the links below to view the picture the link is describing. Some of the photographs are a little blurred because my camera lacked the ability to zoom and focus on things that are over a metre or so away (that's what you get when you buy a 'holiday snaps' type camera, I suppose). Oh and the colours aren't always that good for the first 22 pictures as I left 'colour correction' turned on on my scanner software. Apparently 'colour correction' means 'make things unrealistically bright'...

Nikki and Martin, with Dell plaiting Martin's hair
Rosemary, Martin, Nikki, Stig, Corinne and Flexor
Rosemary, Nikki and Martin (The hand over Martin's head belongs to PThomas, who is just off the right of the picture)
Many people, making up a subsection of AFP Meet AFP 1.1
I don't know why Kim's got a lamp on her head but maybe it's because it's dark?
Martin, close-up, wearing my stand-in Magic Hat (the real one was too dangerous to bring)
Pam, with her whip
Kate (with the stand-in Magic Hat), Zoë and Kim
Gothic dressage #1
Gothic dressage #2
Tachyon and a Librarian
Rhys and Daniël
What Discworld fans look like on a Sunday morning >:)
Dell and Jester, who is trying to eat a mound of peanuts in one go
Rhys, Dell and Martin
Liz and her baby
Martin, entertaining Liz's baby
Supermouse and Labrat do the 'Happy Rodent Dance'
Supermouse and Dell (aka Ratty) do the 'Happy Rodent Dance'
Roleplayers - they get everywhere, don't they? >:)
A mini supersoaker army, off to battle
A supersoaker battle
After the battle: some very wet supersoaker users - remember kids, it's not big and it's not clever! >:)
Martin, Kate and PThomas, group hugging
Martin, Daniël, Rosemary, Corinne and Flexor; sitting around (well, mostly) and getting a bit drunk
Our area of the AFP Meet AFP meet ran out of drinkable alcohol; so we went back to the bar
Martin with a lightsabre. I'm unsure what he's doing with it though, but he's got a determined look on his face. >:)
Uwe and Womble
PThomas, getting drunk
Some 'scary' people
Daniël, hugging Grymma; who is floating due to Daniël's 'super powers'
Dell, plaiting Martin's hair
Martin 'The Hunter' Wisse. >:)
How to sober-up a Jester
A drive-by supersoaker
Martin and Kate
Martin and Rachel have a stare-out, which Rachel won
Martin (going by the number of photos he's in, anyone would think I liked this bloke >:))
Rachel and Kim
The Dancers
Corinne, with the stand-in Magic Hat. Oh, and there's Tux in the corner, having a swift pint
An impromptu afpissup, with Tux again; who's onto his second pint by now, the little drunkard >:)
Cookie, wearing the stand-in Magic Hat

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