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Nobby's Super Website of Fun Death Man
Last update: 4th March 2000

Download the latest draft of Light Force Rising, part one here.
Download draft one here and draft two here.

Death Man is the story of a biker who dies in a power struggle between his gang and their rivals. He is resurrected and finds his memory is blank. All he knows is what he is told by an old man who is by his side when he first awakens. He is Death Man, a crminal brought back from the dead to preserve the Balance between good and evil until such a time that he has atoned for his past crimes - and should he die before this happens, he will return to the afterlife as a criminal, where he will be punished for his crimes.

This may sound like some basic superhero sort of thing, but believe me I'm trying to make it so that it's not. For a start, Death Man has no superpowers. He's just a man who happens to have come back from the dead.

Death man dresses in large boots, leather trousers, a bullet-proof vest (he's not imortal, you see, and doesn't really want to take any unnecessary chances), a full-length leather coat (for the coolness factor) and a crash helmet, under which he wears a skull mask that covers his entire head. This is for two reasons: he can conceal his identity and scare the hell out of people when they see him riding past on his Harley touring bike.

His armoury consists of two semi-automatic handguns in holsters on his belt and a shotgun which he keeps on his bike. He's mainly a hand-to-hand combat character, although the comic will try to focus on more cerebral stories than a basic 'punch-up every episode' style of storytelling.

Death Man will be a Shareware Comic, publishable in hardcopy only - it'll already be available on the Internet from this website, so I don't want it turning up on another site and so wasting space.

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