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Nobby's Super Website of Fun Diary Entry
For: Tuesday the 3nd of October 2000

A productive day today. I think the interview went well, but I'll know whether I've got a job or not on either Friday or Saturday. Until then I'm not going to build my hopes up. Aside from the interview, I sent the DVD back to and e-mailed them to say I'd sent it back. I'm still seething that they've sent the wrong thing and I've had to wait close to a month to find this out.

I didn't go to university today. Lectures don't start until Thursday and I didn't feel like wandering around freshers week stuff. I've promised Mum that I'd join something interesting this year, instead of the almost nothing I joined last year, so I'd best make the effort and go to have a look around tomorrow. I've not made any binding promises to her, though - my get-out clause is that I'm not joining anything for the sake of it, so if nothing takes my fancy, I won't be signing-up to anything.

Also, I received a reply to an e-mail I sent to Tripod detailing my inability to log into their service for two days in a row (apparently my password had changed. That was their server's excuse anyway). They apologised for their poor service and said they had set a three-week goal to improve their service, which is great news. I can log-in again now, too. Woohoo!

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