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Nobby's Super Website of Fun Diary Entry
For: Saturday the 9th of September 2000

Being the forgetful fool I usually am, last night I decided I'd have a lie in today and, hence, did not set my alarm clock. However, 25 minutes before I'm due to catch the bus to my grand-uncles' house with my Mum, I'm still in bed. Fortunately Mum asks if I'm actually going there today, waking me up. I told her to go over to the bus stand without me while I got dressed, just in case I wasn't ready in time - that way one of us would get there.

As it turned out, I got to the front door just as the bus went past. There wasn't another one going in the right direction for another hour, so I decided to walk the whole way there. It's a 45-50 minute walk but, being me, I got lost on the way, so it took me closer to an hour to get there. Ah well, at least I made it, eventually.

Things were uneventful while I was there. I cut the grass for them and that was it really. We all talked for a while before Dad turned up to drive Mum and I home.

When I got home I decided I'd not do any Physics today and so I've swapped my day off it from Sunday to today; so I could watch Terminator 2: Judgement Day. I've not seen it for ages so it was pretty good. Expect a review soon. (How many times have I said that now? I've still got that Highlander review to write, haven't I? Best do that later, too...)

People in #icq are, yet again, asking what the > is on my >:) smiley. The majority view is that they're bunny rabbit ears, whereas they are, in fact, the arched eyebrows of an evil grin (the resolution is low, which is why you can't see the arches properly... >:)). Because of this I'm thinking of buying a set of face bunny ears to wear at the next CCDE or any meets of I attend. Plus other occasions too, most likely; but we'll have to see about it - I may change my mind again by tomorrow.

The new Nob T. Mouse strip is coming along nicely. In fact, I've designed the basic look of the NSS Cheesy (new name for the USS Cheesy from the Nob Trek espisode. It stands for Nob's Space Ship. I'll not explain how it gets into the story as that would spoil it a little - you'll just have to wait and see). Also, my newest strip (working title 'Heiwa Tóte oku' - hopefully that translates into Japanese as 'Keepers of the Peace') is coming along too. I've now got the main robots designed and I have a basic outline for the story too, which is nice.

Seems like I've been busy when I read all that. Funny really as I've not been busy at all - after all, I didn't get out of bed until 11:40am (like I said, I didn't set an alarm. Maybe I should just set one for a bit later when I want a lie in>:)).

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