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Nobby's Super Website of Fun Diary Entry
For: Sunday the 17th of September 2000

My search for speed continues unabated. Having reduced the slowdown of the system greatly last night by compiling a new kernel, which is still running now so it must be okay, I booted the system today and was greated by..yes, that's right, slowdown - as bad as what I'd experienced before.

Unpeterbed (is that a word? I think so), I decided it was probably a window manager problem, so I've switched from SawMill to SawFish (which I thought had happened automatically on update from Gnome 1.1.1 - or whatever I was using before - to 1.2.1). The slowdown seems to have gone away again. I'm thinking it was probably due to weirdness brought out by SawMill being linked to the old Gnome while SawFish is linked to Gnome 1.2.1; or something like that. I'm not too technical, as you'll all probably know by now, so I'm not really all that sure.

Well, it wasn't just a window manager problem after all - I can recreate the same thing using XMMS and Netscape. Ah well, at least I know what's wrong now, so I can control it. Still, BladeEnc is installed now and happily encoding my cp collection, so I'm happy.

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