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Nobby's Super Website of Fun Diary Entry
For: Monday the 18th of September 2000

I'm happy today. Happy because I now know it was Ecco and the Bunnymen (strange name for a band, that; although not as strange as it would be if it were the name of a solo performer, obviously) who sang on the soundtrack to 'The Lost Boys' (and, if I recall correctly, 'The Faculty'). I'm sure you know the song: 'People are Strange'. Very catchy. Anyway, I'm happy now because it's been going 'round and 'round in my head on an on-and-off basis for ages. Since I say 'The Faculty' at a friend's house early last month, in fact.

My parents aren't as happy, however. They're not too keen on the fact that my psychologist and I have both agreed on my view that we're wasting our time somewhat. While seeing her again closer to the time at which I'll be able to be referred to a psychologist more suited to me there's not a lot that can be done and as I never have anything to say to her (I'm fine, it's my parents that are having a hard time) it basically a waste of time on both our parts. My parents aren't convinced - I get the distinct impression that they hoped she'd talk me out of what they seem to see as a 'phase' I'm going through. Tough luck on their part - they'll just have to come to terms with the truth rather than hide from it.

Aside from these developments, today has been a rather boring day involving reading my physics notes, watching some TV and eating a whole bah of dried fruit (yum). Pretty dull stuff, really.

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