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Nobby's Super Website of Fun Diary Entry
For: Thursday the 21st of December 2000

Well, it's been quite some time since this was updated now and, to be honest, there's not all that much to write about. As anyone who has had a look at my artwork section will know, I've added a couple of images there; but that's about all that's happened, to the website, anyway.

I've got writer's block right now and have had it for what feels like forever. Last saturday I managed to write a whole 47 words for the novel I've been on with for ages. This is, of course, due to my rather odd edititing style: I write a whole novel, decide it's all pathetic and start writing it again from scratch. In my defence, all the previous drafts have been pathetic. This time, when I overcome my inability to write anything decent, I'll edit what I have instead of writing it all again.

Comics-wise, Death Man is going to have to have a major rethink now that I've seen the Spawn film. Some of the things in that film were things I was going to put in Death Man, but not anymore. Partly because it would look like I'd copied them from the film and partly because the film showed me just how bad some of the ideas were.

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