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Nobby's Super Website of Fun Diary Entry
For: Sunday the 24th of September 2000

I've been in a rather creative mood as of late, which is rather annoying seeing as how I also have a severe case of writer's block, coupled with a strong feeling that I have absolutely nothing to say about anything; which never makes for decent storytelling.

As a consequence of this creativity there are a few more drawings on the site now. My favourites are the new drawing of Johnny Alpha and the one of Rei Ayanami. Neither of them are original works as I've looked at drawings done by others and attempted to recreate them myself, with varying degrees of success (I think the Rei one came off quite well but Johnny Alpha didn't. No one can draw him like Carlos Ezquerra does so I'm not too bothered).

What I am bothered about, however, is how people will react to the quality of the scanning on the Johnny Alpha picture. Because I drew it on the inside cover of my physics notes file I had some trouble getting it into the scanner, meaning one side isn't in quite a sharp focus as the other side. Never mind - not a lot I can do about that.

Aside from drawing there's not a lot been happening. My concentration level is down again, meaning I can't focus on my physics for very long. This isn't a good thing seeing as how university begins again on the 4th of October and we're being tested on our knowledge of physics. I'm incredibly nervous about this. Although I know I still have a lot of knowledge of physics retained from last year (I've recited a fair amount of certain aspects of it on newsgroups without having to look things up) I'm not very good when it comes to exams. For this final week of holiday I'm really going to have to buckle down and get on with some serious revision again - and also keep going at it even if I can't concentrate. Short breaks every 10-15 minutes, if necessary, should do the trick. I hope.

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