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Nobby's Super Website of Fun Diary Entry
For: Thursday the 26th of October 2000

Argh! I'm having a terrible couple of days, it seems. Firstly I forget to change the time on my alarm clock, so I end up getting out of bed almost exactly 1 hour before my first lecture starts. This is not a good thing as there is a 20 minute bus journey between my house and the lecture theatre, so I'm already off to one hell of a start. Of course this stops me from being able to get any homework done this morning, which is about as bad as getting up so late.

Still, panic subsiding, I settled into lecture mode (basically 'blank slate' brain mode - just let everything flow in and see what I remember, making notes as I go along so as to help with this process). In the 10 minute breaks between lectures (so people can get between theatres. All my lectures are in 'The 'Fridge' - it's soooo cold! - so I don't need to go anywhere) I manage to do one of the two questions I'd not done. The other one would have to wait until my free hour - which is just before the hand-in deadline.

My free hour - aka lunch hour - comes and I still can't do the question. I read through my notes and the relevant sections of a book I bought for an extortionate price. The book helps my understanding of the part of the subject I'm being questionned on, but obviously not enough as I still can't do the question. In annoyance I scribble a diagram for the first part of the question. It's not right - I can see that 'cause it doesn't help me answer anything - then have a go at part b. I can't do that either, so I just hand in my incorrect scribblings; along with the other five questions I've managed to do. Ah well, 5 out of 6 attempted in full isn't bad I suppose.

On returning from a fun night out doing Live Action Roleplay with a society in the university's Student Union, I checked up on how many people have downloaded my coloured version of a sketch of Danger Girl Abbey Chase done by J. Scott Campbell (you can see it here if you like). 58 people have downloaded it. I feel so proud!

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