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Nobby's Super Website of Fun Diary Entry
For: Wednesday the 27th of September 2000

Deciding to break the habit of getting up at lunchtime, today I got out of bed at about 10:40am. What with University beginning again next week it's probably a good idea to start getting up before the clock gets into double figures. 6:45am alarm calls next week. How will I cope?

It's wednesday. That means it's 2000 AD day, so I get ready and trundle into town to collect my weekly dose of Thrill Power, stopping off at university on the way, to see if they've got the Phsyics timetables up yet. Of course they haven't - we've only got 8 days before lectures begin, so why would they have things sorted out? Grrrr!

Before leaving the house I'd checked the DC Comics website, to see if Supergirl #50 was out yet. Yup, the site says it came out today. Of course they're in America. Forgetting this, I catch a train to my local branch of Forbidden Planet (just down the road from a train station - can you get better placement? I think not!) to buy it, only to find it won't arrive until tomorrow. Argh!!!

To console myself I spend half an hour reading all the other comics in the store before buying a few: 'Relative Heroes' #1 (now reviewed here), 'J. Michael Straczynski's Rising Stars' Prelude (can anyone have a more difficult to spell name? I had to copy that off the cover of the comic), 'Meridian' #3 and 'Objective Five' #3. I had a quick flick through Meridian on the train home and it seems pretty good. It's not what I'd usually buy (it's fantasy-style sci-fi whereas I prefer either hardcore sci-fi or a space opera sort of thing) but it seems good nevertheless. I'll give it a full review once I've read it properly.

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