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Nobby's Super Website of Fun Diary Entry
For: Monday the 30th of October 2000

Today had a slightly ironic start. After traipsing through rain so heavy it had set off a car alarm (seriously), I got to my 9am lecture, on electronics. The lecturer says he's here to talk to us about 'Don't Care States', which is the ironic part as, after making their way to the lecture theatre through such a heavy downpour, a Don't Care State is exactly what the students are currently in.

I'm not in a happy mood when I get home, because the university network is down, so I can't check my e-mail or type-up the paper I'm supposed to hand-in on Friday. Because of this I make my way back home, to do my work on my own computer. It'll mean converting all my files to a format I can use, but when I can't access any of the hundreds of university computers, it'll have to do. Of course, the power supply has been off at my house since 8:45am, because all the rain has shorted-out one of the underground power cables. Not only can't I type up the paper as I was planning, I can't print out the latest issue of The Demon By The Campfire, which is already way overdue; partially because I kept forgetting to write and/or print it and also because there's been hardly any player input for it. Ah well, it'll have to wait until tomorrow now.

Dejected, I give up on doing any work today - things are obviously conspiring against it, so who am I to argue? Instead, I go back into town to look for a job. My Dad 'phoned me to say he'd heard about a shop looking for weekend staff, so I went there to get an application form, then came home and filled it in. I'm almost finished it by the time the electricity comes back on, so I finish it off, leave it on the dining room table to remind me to get a couple of references for it, then go to make last-minute changes to The Demon By The Campfire. The newsletter is now almost full of last-minute changes from one time or another. I hope it doesn't come across like that, though.

A friend 'phones me while I'm working on the newsletter and I agree to meet him at the Student Union, so we can go off to the cinema to see What Lies Beneath. It's a very hackeneyed film and I'm falling asleep by the end of it but he seemed to enjoy it. On my return home I'm angered to find a note left on my application form by my Mother, saying that I should apply for work at a short list of companies. I really hate this - she does it every single time I apply somewhere. It's like she's saying my efforts aren't good enough. The fact that the companies she suggests I apply to are the same ones every time never seemes to phase her. Her excuse is always "Well, they'll see you've applied a lot and think you're keen". No, Mother, they'll throw my application in the bin, like they've done the last twelve times. They don't even reply to say there aren't any jobs available. She really doesn't see why I get so upset when she does this.

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