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Nobby's Super Website of Fun Nobby's World: My Online Diary
Last update: 9th January 2001

I've considered whether or not to publish an online diary for some time now and while designing this new site I thought "Oh, what the hell; why not do one," so here it is - my online diary. I'll not update it daily as that would mean lots of boring entries that no one wants to read. Instead I'll be updating it whenever something interesting happens or when I want to rant about something. Anyway, that's enough for the introduction, on with the entries!

January 2001

Sunday the 21st
Tuesday the 9th
Monday the 1st

December 2000

Thursday the 21st

November 2000

Sunday the 26th
Saturday the 25th
Monday the 20th
Wednesday the 15th
Saturday the 4th

October 2000

Monday the 30th
Thursday the 26th
Wednesday the 25th
Saturday the 21st
Saturday the 14th
Tuesday the 10th
Thursday the 5th
Wednesday the 4th
Tuesday the 3rd
Monday the 2nd
Sunday the 1st

September 2000

Wednesday the 27th
Tuesday the 26th
Monday the 25th
Sunday the 24th
Saturday the 23rd
Friday the 22nd
Monday the 18th
Sunday the 17th
Saturday the 16th
Thursday the 14th
Tuesday the 12th
Monday the 11th
Saturday the 9th
Friday the 8th
Monday the 4th

August 2000

Tuesday the 29th
Monday the 21st

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