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Nobby's Super Website of Fun Discworld MUD: Tips For Assassins
Last update: Monday the 16th of April 2001

Nil Mortifi Sine Lucre

So, you're thinking of joining the Guild of Assassins? Well, first off - reconsider if this is your first character on the Discworld MUD. That may sound harsh but this is the hardest guild to play. You'll need to work out how to join the guild (it's not quite as simple as wandering in and typing say join, although admittedly it's not much harder once you've found the right room), you have to reach level 75 in all your primary skills and once you do you'll have to complete the Run; a rooftop-leaping challenge where any wrong turn will kill you. If you survive to complete it, you'll instantly become a PK (PlayerKiller character), meaning every other PK can - and probably will at some point - steal from and/or kill you.

However, if you're still interested, here's a few tips for you:

  • First off, don't bother buying anything in the Newbie Area except a single stabbing weapon such as a knife, dagger or foil. Assassins have four combat skills in their primary skill set: melee.pierce, range.thrown, range.fired and dodging.melee. Buying a piercing weapon means you can practice in the combat room of the Newbie area so that when you get to the Disc propper, you already have some skill in one of your primaries. Don't bother practicing so hard that you get over level 5 in any primary area, though - when you join the guild you'll find you'll have that skill level reset to 5.
  • An assassin's equipment is expensive if you buy it from the guild shop (top floor of the teaching building - go South, East, East, East, North, Up, South and West from just inside the gates to get there), but it's likely to be the only place you'll find the necessary equipment in excellent condition when you buy it. If you've only bought 1 thing in the Newbie Area, as advised, (if you haven't don't worry - just sell it, unless it's something that's actually sold at the guild shop; in which case, lucky you >:) ) you should have enough to buy yourself a few items of equipment. Don't go for the throwing knives just yet - they'll use up most of your money. Wait and get those when you have a bit more cash. Don't buy a silk shirt - go for the mail one instead. It'll give you a bit of protection in combat. If you get the cloak from the guild shop, no one will be able to see which shirt your wearing anyway.
  • Read the black book in the library - it may answer a few of your questions
  • If you haven't already exchanged your voucher for a talker, do so. Then join the Assassins' chat channel - ask guild-related questions here and you'll get an answer from someone who knows what they're talking about
  • And finally, remember who your examiner for the Run is. When you finally reach a point where you are ready to try it, you'll need to go to them and say so.
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