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Last update: 28th March 2001

The following sites either have something to do with a section of this site or they're sites I like and visit often. Either way, they're good so they may be worth your while having a look at. All the sites are broken down into sections, to allow easier browsing of sites with a similar theme.


Argo City, The Theme Home of Supergirl - great site with lots of pictures and fan art
Batgirl3 - Lots of stuff about the new Batgirl

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Class of '79 - the Judge Dredd online fanzine
Danger - More Danger Girl stuff than you can shake a stick at.
DC Comics
Earth Angel: The Legend of Supergirl - a full history of the character along with pictures
The New Batgirl - Info and fanfiction about the new Batgirl
Penny Arcade - Violent computing cartoon fun.
TUWS - The unofficial 2000AD website. Contains reviews and other interesting stuff
Rebellion Software- Rebellion now owns 2000AD and the official site is currently hosted here, although there are plans to move it once it's found its feet; so to speak
Shareware Comics Central - The central hub for Shareware Comics. Go there and witness this publishing phenomenon.
Wildstorm Productions


BOFH.Net - The only website that would slap you if it could. The place to go to find vintage episodes of the B*stard Operator From Hell.
GNOME Documentation Project - The place to go to get information on the project for documenting software for GNOME.
Linux Format - Britain's first (and best, IMO) dedicated Linux magazine.
The Register - Biting the hand that feeds IT. The latest episodes of the BOFH can be found here.
Sourceforge - The place to go for opensource software.

Danger Girl

Discworld/Terry Pratchett

L-Space - All the Terry Pratchett and Discworld information you could ever need

Friends Websites

No, not links to the TV series, but instead links to the websites of some of my friends.
Ad Astra - The website of Martin Wisse, an all-round good bloke and a pretty big geek to boot. >:)
Art by Rob Barrett - Rob Barret's homepage
Cranberrydragon - The homepage of ScaryMelB
Daniël's CCDE 2000 and afp meet photos - The home page of Daniël Proost
The Domain of The Unabashed Seal Pup Cuddler - The homepage of Kelly Harding
Here Be Dragons - The website of SarahRose
Jon's Homepage - Davon's website
Kate's Cavern - Kate Elliott's website
MoonSpook's Web Page for the Troubled - Andrew's homepage
Nicola's Web World - The Website of Nicola Wood and Rhys Smith's websites
Tachyon Space - The homepage of Tachyon

Miscilaneous Links

Brains4Zombies - Your online home for brains and brain-related products.
Pokethulu - Gotta Catch You All!


Quest:PBM - There's so much Quest info here it's scary. Mainly KJC Quest information, though
QuestWorld - Information, Resources, Pictures, Stories and more. Caters for all Quest games
KJC Games - The inventors of Quest
Crasiworld - The moderators of the Crasimoff's Quest World variant of Quest

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