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Nobby's Super Website of Fun The Life of Nob T Mouse
Last update: 25th August 2000

This is the oldest of my creations on this site, with the main character dating back to around 1986. The background to the comics wasn't fully developed when I started drawing the series that's shown on this site (I began drawing them in 1996), but has recently been developed further as I plan to write a graphic novel based around the series sometime in the near future.

The characters in the series date back to as early as around 1986, when I used to draw them in school instead of doing any work (hey kids, this isn't a good idea - teachers will hate you for it!). They weren't very well-developed at that time, as is to be expected when they're invented by a six-year-old. However, they did stick in my mind and when I was bored during the school's Christmas hollidays in 1996 I began drawing them again, as a comic strip.

I've included some of the episodes from the series here. You can view them by clicking on the links below. Please note that the titles of the stories are a bit silly and yes, I knew this at the time. >:)

Please respect my copyright and don't use these outside of your own private collection without my permission. Thanks.

The following are three of the ten stories from 'The Life of Nob The Mouse'. I stopped writing the series in the summer of 1999, when I found I was unable to keep up the writing style the series needed. Because of this - plus the mounting continuity errors in the series (I wrote the stories as I was drawing them, so many errors tended to creep in), I've declaired the first ten episodes as the Original Series and I'm now working on the first episode of the New Series; which has darker, more interesting style - and is also scripted prior to being drawn.

The Original Series has a distinctive style to it which develops over the course of the series. I've chosen the three episodes below to show how the series has developed. They're listed in order, with the earliest episode first. The New Series will have a slightly different style to it - it will be coloured on computer, allowing me to use better shading techniques than I got from the coloured pencils of the Original Series. I'm as yet undecided whether all the characters should have outlines or not. In keeping with the style of the Original Series, I think maybe they won't.

The Original Series

Nob & The Cheese: [1 page] The village cheese goes missing and Nob is asked to investigate
Nob Trek: [1 page] a blatant Star Trek rip-off. First appearance of the series' bad guy, Frederick
Parallel Land: [4 pages] Nob, Franky and Bricky are transported to a parallel universe

The New Series

This is effectively a restart of the series. Some episodes will contain themes from the later episodes of the Original Series, although the stories will generally be new ones.

Pie Noon: Script for the first page of the New Series opener. Frederick goes insane and attempts to destroy all the pies ever to exist on the Mass, putting the whole existence of the universe at risk.

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