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Nobby's Super Website of Fun The Life of Nob T. Mouse
Pie Noon
Last update: 12th November 2000

Page 1

1. This frame should fill the page. It's a picture of space, with a few galaxies and nebulae here and there. In the centre of the page is a large, wooden sign with a couple of lines of symbols written on it in thick, black lettering.

Caption: Near the edge of the universe itself stands a colossal wooden sign. Created aeons ago, when the universe was formed, it stands steadfast in the depths of space.

Caption: On it are letters kilometers in height, scripted in the language of the Creator itself, their meaning lost through the ages.
Many believe the sign is a warning, for the area beyond it is known to be unstable.

Caption: Theories that the sign says "Last stop before motorway" have long been discounted.

2. Inset frame. Space as a background, but focus on the Mass. It's big, green and changes shape at random, so don't worry about it never looking the same when it's drawn multiple times. There's always a large white patch on it. Make this visible here.

Caption: Beyond the sign are many strange things, but none so strange as the Mass. It's a plug for the breach in Reality caused by the formation of the infinite universes. Without it, all possibilities would occur at the same time, the fabric of time and space would tear and all worlds would die.
It's also home to the Flizgrift, the unknowing guardians of the Mass.

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