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Nobby's Super Website of Fun 2000AD Reviews
Last update: 22nd September 2000

Ah 2000 AD, the self-titled 'Galaxy's Greatest Comic' and #1 comic in Britain, even though damn near nowhere sells it anymore; which is a shame. Admittedly it's had its low points but right now it seems to be riding the tide of great stories, well told. With a few exceptions, but that's to be expected - after all you can't please everyone.

I've separated the reviews into blocks of 100 issues, to make searching through them easier. Please note that although prog 2000 was printed after prog 1173 and before 1174 it's not been listed in the 1100-1199 block, instead being placed in its own block. This is to keep the issue numbers consecutive and also because I think it should be listed elsewhere because it's a special issue. If any of you disagree with this thinking and would prefer it listed as when it was published then by all means e-mail me and maybe I'll move it.

You can jump to a block of issues using the access list below.

1100-1199 | 1200-1299 | 2000-2099


Prog 1159 - 1st September 1999


Prog 1200 - 5th July 2000
Prog 1206 - 16th August 2000
Prog 1207 - 23rd August 2000
Prog 1208 - 30th August 2000
Prog 1209 - 6th September 2000
Prog 1210 - 13th September 2000
Prog 1211 - 20th September 2000
Prog 1212 - 27th September 2000
Prog 1213 - 4th October 2000
Prog 1214 - 11th October 2000
Prog 1215 - 18th October 2000
Prog 1220 - 22nd November 2000


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