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Nobby's Super Website of Fun Relative Heroes Reviews: Issues 1-9
Last update: 27th September 2000

Issue 1

I'll admit, it wasn't the cover that really made me pick this comic up, it was the fact that it was issue 1 and I'm always on the lookout for first issues. It's a pretty bland and uninspiring cover just showing the main characters in their rather uninspired costumes: the usual tight-fitting stuff.

The comic itself seems to be trying to be more than just the usual superhero stuff. The story is told from the point of view of this family superteam's 15-year-old team leader, who also happens to be the only one of the team that doesn't have any super powers (however, he does have an extensive collection of comics and an encyclopaedic knowledge of superheroes; so he's a natural leader of a superteam).

The super-powered characters are pretty cool, what with all but one of them being children. This causes some fun moments when they bicker over silly topics at just the wrong moment:

(In the middle of being accosted by villains)
Joel: Vive can fly?
Damara: Cam's got her! And he can!
Joel: He can not!
Damara: Hello? He's in midair!

It looks like this could become a series to look out for, and if I see it in my local comics shop again I'll definitely be buying it.

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