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Nobby's Super Website of Fun Marc Dupont
Last update: 12th August 2000

Marc Dupont is a French drug baron. It was drugs from one of his dealers that killed Seth Baron's son and now Dupont has to contend with the knowledge that Seth is hunting him down; having been told of his oath to kill the men responsible for his son's death.

At the start of the series, Grendel Lune is following Dupont, whom she believes to be working as a frontman for Velmat. In fact he's more of an equal partner in Velmat's plan to conquer the world.

Dupont is an obsessive compulsive - he needs things around him to be clean at all times and cannot stand dirt of any kind at any time. This causes a lot of tension as Velmat lives in his mansion with him and they usually end each conversation with a slanging match over the state of Velmat's room. Unlike Grendel, Velmat is a traditionalist and sleeps on a bed of dirt from his home country; while Grendel prefers the much cleaner method of carrying dirt from her home country in a locket around her neck. Because of his sleeping habits, Velmat has, on occasion, been known to trample dirt into Dupont's carpets. Dupont swears he's going bald through the stress this causes him.

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