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Unholy Crusade

Part One

Copyright 2000 Zoë Jennifer Robinson

The whole thing should be in monochrome, with pretty heavy use of black and grey; to give a film noir feel.

Page 1

1. A limousine is driving up a driveway to a large mansion. It's in the south of France, so make it look like a villa - open plan, so that the inhabitants aren't overwhelmed by heat in the midday sun. There's a porch with steps leading up to it from the driveway.

Caption: Sainte-Maxime, South of France. 28th March, 2005.

It's raining and there are a few puddles on the driveway. Around the driveway are a few trees. Velmat is on the porch. We can't see him all that well - he's covered in shadow. He's tall, about 6'2", and heavily built - very muscular. He's wearing a black suit and a black shirt, but no tie. He's also wearing gold, oval sunglasses which are glinting in whatever sunlight is getting through the heavy cloud cover.

2. The car is now at the end of the driveway. A man in a black suit who has slicked-back hair is holding a black umbrella over the open door to the car. Dupont is getting out of the car via the open door. We can just about see Velmat off the bottom-right of the frame, but he is still in silhouette.

Velmat: Marc Dupont?

3. Close-up of Dupont. He is a little wet but the umbrella is holding off most of the rain. He's wearing a white suit with a blue shirt and no tie. His hairline is beginning to recede and he's wearing thin, oval glasses. He's about 35-40 and a rather gaunt character.

Dupont: Oui.

4. Make this the largest frame on the page - take up the whole page and have the other frames as insets in it.

Velmat, standing on the porch. He's still silhouetted, although we can see his sunglasses and the end of one of his eye-teeth glinting in the cloud-covered sunlight. We can also see Dupont, standing at the foot of the steps with his guard holding the umbrella over his head.

Velmat: <<Marc Dupont, I wish to make you an offer you cannot refuse. May we talk inside?>>

Page 2

1. Seth Baron is sitting at his desk, holding a piece of paper in one hand and a photofit in the other. There are more papers on his desk, along with a telephone, mobile telephone, pen holder, notebook and two photographs: one of his wife and one of him and his son. Martin Winchester is sitting in a chair on the opposite side of the desk to him. He's a slightly overweight, middle-aged man with short, white, curly hair and blotchy skin.

Caption: Ministry of Defence, London. 6th May, 2006.

Seth: So what exactly is it I've got here?

Winchester: New vamp. CCTV caught her coming into on a late-night ferry early this morning. Eye-witness reports gave us that photo fit.

2. Photo fit of Grendel Lune. It should look pretty much like her, but still look like a photo fit.

Seth: Okay, I'm guessing you want me to go and find this person, see what she's here for, no?

Winchester: That's pretty much it, yes. The picture was faxed to all the regional departments, so far nothing's come up. As soon as we know where she is I want you out there looking for her.

3. Side view of Seth and Winchester. They're still sitting at opposite sides of the desk. Seth's put the photo and paper on his desk. He's not too happy. There's a fair amount of text in this frame, so be sure to leave space for it.

Seth: Why me, Mart? You know the problems I've got at the moment. Why me?

Winchester: I know, Seth, but there's no one else available. It'll only be a couple of days.

Seth: John may only have a few days, Mart.

4. Close-up on Winchester. He's trying to be firm but sympathetic.

Winchester: Look, I know you're having a hard time but there really is no one else. You know I wouldn't ask you to do this if there were anyone else available. I'm sorry.

5. Seth's pinching the top of his nose and looking more than a little unhappy about the situation. Winchester is leaning forward on the desk.

Seth: Jane's not going to like this, I'll tell you that for nothing.

Winchester: Look, it's a long shot anyway. Chances are nothing'll come of it. Just ring 'round the regional depots, see if they've come up with anything and if so have a look into it. If nothing's come of it by the time someone else becomes available here I'll transfer the case to them. Okay.

Seth: Fine. I'll give it a go.

Page 3

1. Marc Dupont is in his bedroom, packing clothes into a large leather suitcase with wheels on the bottom while talking on a mobile telephone which he is cradling on his shoulder with the side of his head. His hands are full as he is folding a pair of trousers into the suitcase. There whole of the wall behind him is made of glass panels and through it we can see a long stretch of beach and a rock outcrop, on which stands a lighthouse.

Dupont is dressed in a well-pressed white shirt and equally well-pressed white trousers. The top two buttons of his shirt are undone, allowing us to see the crucifix around his neck. His round glasses have clip-on sunglasses attached which are lifted up so the sunglass is above the frame of his glasses.

Caption: Sainte-Maxime, South of France. 6th May, 2006.

Dupont: <<... And make sure they're on time. I don't want to be left waiting for a hour in the rain like last time.>>

2. Small panel. Just a thick oak door with a brass handle.

Sound: Knock! Knock!

3. Dupont, closing the suitcase while still cradling the telephone on his shoulder, as before.

Dupont: <<Yes, that'll be all. Goodbye.>>

<<Come in!>>

4. Wide panel. A heavily built man in a light suit is standing by the, now open, door. Dupont is standing by the bed with the telephone in one hand and the handle of the suitcase, which is still on the bed, in the other.

Heavily Built Man: <<Your car is here, sir.>>

Dupont: <<Excellent. Put this case in and tell the driver I will be down shortly.>>

5. The heavily built man is carrying Dupont's case out of the door. Dupont is facing the window and talking on his telephone.

Dupont: <<Marie, it's me again. Remember to tell the maids to clean up any soil Mr Velmat treads into the carpets. I don't want them ruined again while I'm away.>>