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Last update: 23rd August 2000

Seth Baron is in the employ of the British Ministry of Defence (MoD), working in the small 'Nocturnal Citizens Department' (NCD); which it responsible for monitoring and controlling the population of vampires, werewolves and other such citizens of Britain. Although vampires can, and often do, operate as normal people during the daytime, they're monitored by this department for historical reasons (ie when the department was formed they went by the Hollywood view of vampires).

The department keeps checks on what these 'nocturnal citizens' do and try to cover-up any crimes they commit to the best of their ability; while dealing with whoever commits the crime in their own way. It's a very closed-off department which manages to keeps its existence a secret through the Official Secrets Act.

Following the events detailed in the opening episodes of the series, Seth has joined forces with Grendel Lune in order to track down Marc Dupont, who he believes is responsible for his son's death. When he discovered the plans of Dupont and Velmat, he changed his plans a little and now intends to kill Dupont after he discovers what he and Velmat are planning.

Unlike Grendel, who is a little stuck in the past when it comes to weaponry, Seth carries twin NCD-designed pistols; carried in a holster at the base of his back in a twin holster fastened to his belt. Along with these he has a sniper rifle with optional laser sight which can be dismantled and packed away into the rifle butt. When he takes this out with him it usually stays dismantled in his glove compartment until needed - it's a bit large to conceal, after all. He carries magazines and shells in his suit pockets, which tend to make them bulge but he'd rather have bulging pockets than need to fumble around for reloads.

Along with his standard rounds he carries special wooden-tipped shells and bullets which, when fired into a vampire's heart, have the stopping power of a wooden stake. They can be used effectively on any target but he saves them for vampires and suspected vampires, as he'd only worry about running out of armaments at a crucial moment if he didn't.

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