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Last update: 22nd August 2000

Born only decades after the Roman Empire left Britain; Velmat, Lord of Dun Carric, which he remembers as being "somewhere in the middle of what is now England", spent his time leading raiding parties into rival kingdoms, where he would rape and pillage to his heart's content.

He died at the age of 33, at the hands of a vampire named Petricia; who had heard of him through a tale told to her in a tavern near the border to the kingdom in which Velmat lived. She seduced him with promises of immortality and once he'd been turned they both went on a thirty hour killing spree before fleeing the country; chased to the border by an army led by King Berredova. The king only stopped at the border when his party could no longer find the trail of the vampires.

The two of them stayed together for decades, until arguments between the two led to physical violence and Petricia's death. Velmat now keeps her ashes in an urn by his bedside, in order to safeguard them in case someone uses them to resurrect her.

In the 15th century he wandered the lands of Western Europe, where he came across the Lune family in Northern Germany. He killed most of the family and turned Grendel Lune, leaving her in agony in a deserted church. She's been hunting him down ever since.

In the 16th century he took up residence in Portugal and later, when the Spanish invaded, he wandered the battlefields in search of easy prey. On hearing about the Spanish discovery of the Japanshe travelled there as a Portugese trader and planned to use what he hoped would be a land which had never heard of vampires as a place to build up an army of undead that would conquer the world. The intervention of Grendel Lune and a band of locals thwarted his plans, but not before he'd slain Grendel.

Fleeing Japan, Velmat made his way to China and through Asia back to Spain, then across the sea to South America; where his plans to build an army were foiled again; not by Grendel but by the milita, who became suspicious of the large number of deaths in the area and began investigations that culminated with a daytime raid on Velmat's house. He fled back to Spain by stowing away on a merchant ship and killing all but one of the crew, as he couldn't sail the ship on his own.

In the late 20th century Velmat met Marc Dupont, a cunning little drugs baron with whom Velmat has developed a partnership of sorts: Velmat will share the world with Dupont providing Dupont keeps the money to fund Velmat's plans coming in. Whether Velmat will keep his side of the bargain once the world is theirs is anyone's guess.

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