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Last update: 19th of December 2000

Drawing is generally something I do to pass the time, although I've also drawn the odd piece of artwork for comic strips I've created or for game newsletters, such as The Demon By The Campfire, a newsletter for the 6th game of Quest run by KJC Games. Each image is drawn in pencil then inked and finally scanned and coloured using Ulead iPhoto Express; unless otherwise stated.

The images are mainly fan art but some are stuff I've just made up while drawing. They're sorted into categories to give you a better idea of what they are about. Please respect my copyright and the copyright of others by only using these images in your own personal collection unless you have my permission. Thanks.

2000 AD & The Judge Dredd Megazine

Demarco - A (very) rough sketch of Galen Demarco which I did to see if I could draw her (you be the judge >:)). No colouring.
Dredd Sketch 1 - A rough sketch of Judge Dredd. No colouring.
Dredd Sketch 2 - As above, only coloured this time.
Johnny Alpha - After seeing the work of Carlos Ezquerra on 'Strontium Dog' in JD Megazine #70 (vol. 3) I had to try drawing him myself. Didn't do it very well though. >:) Black and white.
Johnny Alpha - A larger and more detailed drawing based on the work of Carlos Ezquerra from 'Strontium Dog' in JD #70. Black and White.

Danger Girl

Abbey Chase - My first attempt to draw Abbey. Drawn after looking at how J.S. Cambell drew her. Coloured and also available in Danger's Fan Art section.

DC Universe

Supergirl - Supergirl with her cape swirling around her legs. I can't draw faces too well, as you can see.
Supergirl of 2999 - The future supergirl from a rather poor storyline.


3D Demon - a 3d interpretation of the demon picture, below. Used on the website of The Demon By The Campfire. Created using Bryce 2.
Adventurers - A trio of adventurers about to go into battle. Grayscale.
A demon - a picture drawn for the cover of The Demon By The Campfire. Greyscale colouring.
A Dwarf - a dwarf carrying a torch. I think this is probably the oldest image in this collection as it's signed with my old name. No colouring.
A Werewolf - Sketch of a werewolf. Black and white.


Rei Ayanami - Quick drawing based on her appearances in Neon Genesis Evangelion, volume 2.


Swordsman - Someone saw the picture of Grendel Lune I'd drawn and asked me to do one for a "story/RPG/Weird" thing he's doing. This is the result.

Unholy Crusade

Grendel Lune - The full sketch that the image of Grendel on the Unholy Crusade pages comes from

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