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Nobby's Super Website of Fun Grendel Lune
Last update: 2nd December 2000

Grendel Lune is a bitter person. She was born on the 6th of May, 1402; which makes her close to 600 years old, although she doesn't dwell on this fact as she finds it somewhat depressing. Since her death at the age of 26 she's been hunting down Velmat; who decapitated her husband, raped her daughter and left them buring in their house while he dragged Grendel to a graveyard. There he raped her while drinking her blood, after which his aides threw her into a deserted church and locked her in. They watched her writhe in agony for hours as she became a vampire on hallowed ground before Velmat grew bored and they left her there.

Each vampire develops a speciality which helps them to survive - Grendel developed a perfect memory. When she sleeps she relives the events leading up to the death of her and her family. She's been tracking Velmat ever since she broke out of the church.

She tracked him down to 17th century Japan, where he was posing as a Portugese trader and, with the help of a small band of men led by a local called Hoshiro, defeated Velmat's minions before she was killed again. Hoshiro was fatally wounded in the battle and used his own blood to resurrect her. She now carries his sword and intends to kill Velmat with it.

In 2006 she came to England on the suspicion that Velmat's financial aide, Marc Dupont, was there to finalise a large drugs deal. She was 'caught' on camera coming into the country on a late-night ferry and Seth Baron was sent to meet with her, discover why she was in the UK and, if necessary, dispose of her. After she explains her intentions, Seth demands to come with her to the deal. The events that unfold due to this are what makes up the story.

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