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Nobby's Super Website of Fun Diary Entry
For: Sunday the 1st of October 2000

I'm bored. I've been bored for days but now it's boredom mixed with the anticipation of going back to university and finally having something to do. Tomorrow I've got to go into university to pay this year's tuition fees, get my student loans cheque and cash that then find out what my timetable for this year is.

I probably could have found out my timetable today but never mind. It's not as if I actually have all that much to do until thursday anyway. My friends seem to have a fair bit to do, though - some are moving into their accomodation, one is off in Japan (lucky git. I'm sure I've said that before but never mind).

Have I mentionned that I'm bored? Yes, I have. Bored and restless. I need something to do yet I can't keep my mind focused on anything. I'm thinking about starting work on the rules for my play by (e)mail game, yet I can't think of a title, a name for the world on which it's going to be set or anything. Will there be all-powerful gods in the game? Yes, I think there will be. What are their names? What are their priests like? These things I still need to sort out yet I cannot decide on them. What age will the world be set in? I'm finding it difficult to choose between a standard fantasy setting, although modified so that it's actually pretty realistic (different government styles in different areas of the land, trading caravans travelling between cities, etc) and a futuristic setting, although retaining the gods and priests, yet bringing some up to date and introducing other factions, such as cyberpunk-style religious fanatics and robots, etc.

Actually, I think I'll start with the latter and then produce an offshot version once I've worked out the basic rules of play for the first one, setting the offshot in the standard fantasy setting; then run both side by side, although with no chance of players from one interacting with players from the other (it would upset the balance of the game somewhat if a heavily armed future warrior were to turn up in a land of knights, wouldn't it? Conversely, a powerful mage wandering into a busy future metropolis would die of future shock before he could wreak havoc with his spells).

I think I'll begin work now. And I'll call it Morphos: The Space Age, as I'll set both games on the world or Morphos, in different ages of the world. Looks like writing this diary has helped me focus my thoughts.

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