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Nobby's Super Website of Fun Diary Entry
For: Monday the 2nd of October 2000

Well it's finally here: Judgement Day*ahem*the start of the new university year, I mean. It hasn't been a bad day, really. Well, actually it has. First off, I can't collect my stuend loans company cheque because the university has sent it to the wrong college, so mine now has to contact all the others (I forget how many there are but there are a lot - the university takes up most of the city and is divided into colleges in order to more efficiently deal with such a large amount of space) so it's going to take a lot of time to find. Not nice.

On top of this I find that have not sent me the limited edition 2-DVD box set of 'Supergirl' which I bought from them. Instead they have sent me a DVD of 'Saving Private Ryan'. This is very annoying as I now have to send it back and wait even longer for my DVD! I am not at all pleased with this state of affairs.

Aside from this it's not been a bad day, I suppose. I returned home to pick up course details I'd forgotten to take with me to university, so I could go back there and work out my timetable, only to find that I've been telephoned by someone from a restaurant at which I applied for a job. I've got an interview tomorrow afternoon! Wish me luck!

Having made a promise to my parents to go out and mix more with everyone else at university, I 'phoned my friends and 'persuaded' (via the 'you are coming to the student union bar, aren't you?' method of persuasion) to come out to - that's right - the bar in the student union. I'd have chosen a college bar for us to go to but they're always packed during the first week of term, so we went to the Student Union bar, as the freshers don't know it's there yet.

It wasn't a bad night out. I got home at about 11pm (didn't want to have a hangover for tomorrow's interview now, did I?) and posted, drunkenly, to the alt.comics.2000ad newsgroup before going to bed. Annoyingly, I'm sure no one noticed a difference between my drunk postings and my normal ones...

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