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Nobby's Super Website of Fun Diary Entry
For: Monday the 4th of September 2000

My speakers arrived today, which cheered me up no end; the sad person I am. To be honest, I'd forgotten they were due; which explains why I was still in bed when the delivery man turned up with them. To be honest though, I'd probably have still been in bed anyway, what with having been out last night and waking this morning with a slight hangover. >:(

Anyway, I rushed straight to the computer and pluged them in. It was so much nicer to hear things through a decent set of speakers again - Toploader and Pink Floyd sound much better when they're not played through something akin to a stereo heard through two plastic cups with a bit of wire between them.

So, what's happened apart from this 'momentous' occasion? To be honest, not a lot. Since my lectures restart at university in exactly a month's time I've been preparing by trying to read my books from last year, but now it all seems so dull and lifeless that I can't really get into it again. It's been far too long since the end of the last term (I think it was in march but could have been later - I don't recall it all that well) and things are slipping my mind now, so I have to work at revising it all. I think I'll read through my lecture notes instead - maybe they wont be so..dry

Oh, and confirming my timetable with the university would probably be a good idea, too - that way I'll know where I'm supposed to be! >:)

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