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Nobby's Super Website of Fun Diary Entry
For: Thursday the 5th of October 2000

Last night I received an e-mail from It was an update to their e-mail apologising for sending me the wrong DVD. I'm still shocked at how quickly they responded and how apologetic they were - not many companies I've had dealings with have been so nice. Anyway, the e-mail said they'd sent out my replacement DVD by a superfast mailing service that costs about $21 for us customers to use - free of charge. At this rate I'll have the replacement before they get the one I sent back!

Lectures began again today. I now know near-arctic coldness. Last year the lecture theatres were warmed by the sheer number of people in the room. Of course, this being the second year, there are less people here now, so the room isn't heated enough. Silly me turned up wearing a tee-shirt. After shivvering through the first lecture, hoping against all odds (and the intentions of the coolant system which was turned on by what can only be a sadist lecturer) that the room would heat up, I put my jacket back on for the rest of the lectures this morning, then went home quickly, to get a shirt to put on over my fairly thin tee-shirt.

Of course, this afternoon the lecture hall was hot. I just can't win!

I finally got home at close to 7pm, promptly collapsed from exhaustion (I'd been walking around town for a lot of the afternoon, as well as coming home and playing Grand Theft Auto for a good hour and a half or so, just killing time until my final, 5:15pm, lecture). When I got my energy back I went to my local shop and bought a bottle of whisky; from which I drank enough to measure out about 8 shots of whisky, using British measures (which is more than I usually drink), followed by a glass of sherry. So, if today's entry doesn't read like my other ones; you know why.

I don't feel in any way clever about having drank this much, but I do feel much more relaxed after today's angerment at findout out that I have 9 hours of lab work to do each week, despite having signed up for a master's degree in Theoretical Physics (ie no lab!). Apparently, the no lab bit doesn't come into force this year, so I've got to spend nine hours a week pleading at my equipment to work and hoping that my complete incompetence when it comes to doing any experiments at all (my grade for A-Level Physics dropped from A to B because of the D I received in the A-Level Physics Practical module of the course) doesn't cause me to fail this year.

Needless to say I'm not really a Happi Bunni.

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