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Nobby's Super Website of Fun Diary Entry
For: Tuesday the 10th of October 2000

I sit here typing this with my head in a whirl, while I download gnome-libs, a package which is already installed on my system, yet PAN, my newsreader of choice, insists it's not. So here I am, downloading something I already have, when I could be doing far more useful things, like reading something on a newsgroup or sitting staring at the ceiling.

I can't remember when I last wrote any entries in this diary, so I'll just have a check. Gah! gFTP only downloaded the root directory and the directory names when I downloaded my site from Tripod, following yet another hard drive corruption. I'm beginning to get very, very angry with my Windows drive, as it keeps overwriting parts of my Linux system, causing corruptions which prevent me logging in to my Linux partition. Anyway, it's time to download all my subdirectories from Tripod.

I've made a resolution to get involved with University affairs more, and so far I've stuck to it. I hang about on a few university newsgroups, I've joined a few university societies and I even turned up to the meeting of the Juniour Common Room at my 'college' (it's not really a college - it's a society, 'cause apparently were "Too cool to be a college". I quite like the place because of this - it's got a more personal, community feel to it than some colleges - plus we didn't have to wear a damn stupid gown for Matriculation).

Anyway, gnome-libs has downloaded now, so it's time to sign off here and go to install it. Bye!

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