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Nobby's Super Website of Fun Diary Entry
For: Tuesday the 12th of September 2000

Look up boredom in a dictionary and you'll see a description of my day. Everything is so dull at present that it's unbelieveable. I've even stopped to such levels as to sit and type random things into the address bar of Netscape, to see if anything happens (and you wouldn't believe the addresses some sites have - it's unbelieveable).

After a while I decided I'd like to listen to some music, so I went to to see if there was anything worth downloading on there. Nope - I've already downloaded anything that seemed worthwhile, so I booted the version of Napster which runs on my system only to remember that they closed down (I remembered this after not being able to connect despite three attempts. *sigh* All this boredom has slowed my brain).

'No matter', I thought. 'There's always that Gnutella thing.'

After a quick search on my current favourite software search engine (Tucows) I found a version of Gnutella for my system, only to find that after installing it I don't appear to have an executable file there which runs it. Damn! Uninstalled that right away! Now to find another program. Maybe the unofficial website will have a one...

Of course, being one of the more popular sites on the web at the moment, I can't access the site at a faster speed than 467bytes/second so I decide to look elsewhere and come across new sound drivers for my soundcard being developed by a group of open source advocates. Spurred on by this I decide to wander around their website, to see if the drivers will work with my particular setup (unlikely - the official ones don't). It's a sparse affair to say the least, but they do seem to be making progress. I'll download them and see whether they work.

They do! Okay, there's a little bit of stopping whenever Netscape tries to check for new mail while I'm offline but that's because the greedy ap temporarily hogs all my CPU time (or does something with similar effects. It really is a badly written program). I'm happy now - I can listen to mp3s and play games with sound now.

I may still be bored, but at least I don't have to get up and walk over to my stereo to play music! >:)

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