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Nobby's Super Website of Fun Diary Entry
For: Monday the 25th of September 2000

The script for part 1 of Unholy Crusade is coming along nicely. I now have three pages out of 5 and the scene is being set nicely, with each page dealing with a certain aspect of the story: page 1 introduces Dupont and presents the reader with a mysterious figure cast in shadow throughout their appearance while page 2 introduces Seth Baron and the reader is told that a new vampire has turned up in Britain and he has to go and talk to them. The third page flits back to Dupont and we see he is getting ready to go somewhere. It may not sound much from what I've said here but that's because I've tried not to spoil it by describing everything to you. I hope that when it's finished it'll be something that people want to read because I really think it could be good. Maybe even very good.

Aside from this, my physics revision is coming along a bit better than it was yesterday. I actually feel I've done something today and now remember basic things from my Vibrations and Waves course (namely T=2{pi}{omega} and suchlike). This is definitely a good thing.

Also, I've been thinking about resurrecting the old play by mail fantasy game I once ran when I was 11 or 12. It wasn't very good but this recent creative bout I've been having has brought me to thinking about it again. Maybe with a fair amount of work on it, from the basic structure of the game right up to the NPCs, monsters, descriptions and layout I could make it a decent game. Could be fun to do, too; so maybe I'll have a look into that sometime in the near future.

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