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Nobby's Super Website of Fun Jacintha
Last update: Friday the 13th of April 2001

Jacintha is my first real character on the Discworld MUD. A few years ago, when I first got an Internet connection, I had a character on the MUD, but I didn't play them long enough for them to be any good, or even stored in the game (you have to play for half an hour straight before your character details will be saved).

Jacintha is, at the time of writing, a 21st level Undergraduate Wizard affiliated to the Unseen University. I've clocked-up over 2 days worth of playing time getting this high a level and still I'm about average. You need to get to level 40 before you can graduate UU and become a 1st level Wizard.

Jacintha has the following skills and statistics:

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