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Nobby's Super Website of Fun MUDs, MOOs and MUSHes: Exile
Last update: Friday the 13th of April 2001

Game Type: MUD (Multi-User Dungeon)
Code: Based on CircleMUD
Playerkilling: Allowed only in certain areas

Exile was where I had my first real go at MUDding, having played the Discworld MUD for a few hours long before this. It's a fairly straightforward affair, which makes it easy to get to grips with and means it's great for newcomers to get a feel for MUDding, before moving onto something more advanced.

The size of Exile is deceptive - at first it looks huge and daunting, but there's a mapping facility available (type automap and you'll be given a small map each time you look at your location or move into another one; although it'll only show you areas you've already been to). Once you get used to the place, its actual size becomes apparent - it's not very big; boasting something around 1-2000 rooms.

The level-based system is easy to get to grips with: you start as a level 0 citizen and then choose to join a guild. Typing score will show you your experience points (which are gained by killing things - I never found another way to advance experience) and every time you reach enough experience to go to the next level, you must travel back to your guild headquarters in the main game city, Caymus Harbour, to advance to the next level.

When you advance, the head of your guild, an NPC, will annouce it to the whole game. This usually results in most of the players on the game using the game-wide chat facility, Gossip, to shout "Woo!". As you may have noticed from this, it's a really friendly game.

Once you're reached level 41 in your guild you are free to join another one. There are four base guilds: Warriors, Thieves, Priests and Mages. However, once you're been through three guilds you'll have the chance to specialise, giving you access to other guilds with better skills and commands; such as the 'Nightblade' guild (which, I think, is a subset of the thieves). After reaching level 41 in four guilds, you can go on to 'Hero' status; which, basically, means you're only at risk from death if one of the following happens:

  • You do something really stupid
  • You fight other heros
  • The gods come and get you

The gods are the creators and maintainers of the game. They're responsible for running the game's 'quests' (either a tournament, where everyone involved is dropped into the Arena in Caymus Harbour and the last one standing at the end wins, or a 'hunt the joker' (an NPC god-like character) quest, where those involved run around the MUD in an attempt to 'tag' the joker first). It's basic stuff, really, but still fun.

There's no death limit on Exile - you can die as many times as you like (that's probably not the best word to choose but never mind). The only drawback is you'll have to remain as a ghost for longer and longer each time you die. Fortunately, the game has 4 portals, which change location each time someone passes through them. These portals will instantly resurrect a character and transport them, with all their equipment, to the Mortuary in Caymus Harbour; where they're free to continue their adventures as if nothing happened.

Overall, this is a simple MUD to get into and offers a fair amount of fun but, if you're like me, you'll tire of it before you even finish your first guild.

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