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Nobby's Super Website of Fun 2000AD Reviews: Progs 1220-1229
Last update: 24th November 2000

Prog 1220

Nice cover - bright and eye-catching, which is good as it's more likely to catch the eye of the casual browser when sitting on the shelves. Dante's looking particularly mean and for a moment I thought it was another cover by Frazer Irving, as it looked similar to the style he used on his Dante cover. On closer inspection it's not up to that standard, though - there's heavy use of black and hardly any extra lines. Plus the detail on his uniform is a little sparse. The chevronson the front look almost straight, instead of being bent around his torso.

However, the decidedly red colouring is eye-catching and the image isn't all that bad really. It does its job, but it's not really up there with the best 2000 AD has to offer.

Judge Dredd: Sector House, part 6 - Carlos continues to stun with fantastic scenery and wonderful characters. The freighter dominating frame 1 on page 3 is awe-inspiring. the colouring blends beautifully with the linework and the use of murky colours on page 5 really helps to add to the atmosphere; making the darkness more foreboding. Fantastic.

John Wagner's script continues to please. Rico's turning out to be different from the Dredd of the old days of 2000 AD, which is good. The story is rolling along at the same pace as usual, which is great as it's a fast pace. Plenty going on and it looks like it's not stopping anytime soon.

Deadlock, part 8 - Henry Flint's artwork continues to amaze. The huge train in pannel 3, page 1 is absolutely fantastic. How this guy can manage 5 pages of this quality every week is beyond me. There's no drop in quality throughout the series and the characters continue to look realistic and also, in Deadlock's case, fabulously shiny. The Toquemada head on page 3, pannel 3 is cool and the landscapes are well detailed and wonderful to look out. This is one artist that knows how much a good background adds to a picture and focuses on these as much as he does the characters in the story.

Pat Mills' story has recovered from the dip that occurred after we found out Deadlock was practically immortal, as the Accountant is now playing a fairly large part in the plot. This is one bad guy I don't want to see the back of too soon - he's well written and pretty chilling. Unfortunately the story seems to be about to reach a climax, with Dealock and the Accountant both heading to the same place. I can't wait for the next installment.

Sinister Dexter: Lucky - Basically, a throwaway episode that adds nothing to the series. However, it's an enjoyable read and has pretty good artwork. For the most part there's decent colouring and, in general, everyone except Dexter looked realistic.

As I said, this is a throwaway strip, but a pretty good one. Okay, the death and resurrection bit was a bit lame, but the ending was a well-rounded and happy one; not usually something I'd expect in this gun-toting strip. Overall, not a bad episode.

Rain Dogs, part 8 - Stop this strip now! It's lame and has terrible artwork. The main characters don't look the same in successive pannels and the script is post-apocalyptic film rip-offs all the way.

Nikolai Dante: Battleship Potemkin, part 8 - Wow! I didn't see that one coming! Konstantin dead, just like that! This just goes to show how you can't predict the changes that are going to take place in this script. It's definitely a "wait and see" thing, and all the better for it.

The artwork is, as usual, brilliant. Dante looks cool, and also scarily mean at times, such as the last pannel on page 3; when he's exhibiting the facial changes that make me think he's turning into his father even more as each episode goes by. Nice colouring, too. Overall, this prog looks like a great advocate for the merits of computer colouring.

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