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Nobby's Super Website of Fun Objective 5 Review Issue 3
Last update: 27th September 2000

Issue 3

This is bad, to put it bluntly. Although the artwork is a saving grace (it's actually quite good, although the women do have overly large breasts, which is unnecessary and smacks of playing to the lowest common denomiator - ie pubescant boys) the script is poor and the lettering is a joke.

Page 3, frame 1: there are obvious spelling mistakes ("As we speak, there seems to ba a") and also sentences that just don't make sense ("The key here time folks"). This isn't limited to one page - there are numerous times when I've read something in this comic and thought "what on Earth are they on about?". Where is this comic's proofreader?

The script proves what the artwork was suggesting: this is aimed at teenage boys. It's full of acronyms for made-up military organisations. The script plays like a poor action movie and there are parts of it that just don't make sense (page 2, last frame. Someone says "woah". I still have no idea why). In short it's bad, so bad that I'm not prepared to buy another issue on the off chance that it may improve. If it's still going in a year's time then I may buy another issue then, but as it stands I doubt it'll still be around.

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