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Nobby's Super Website of Fun Diary Entry
For: Friday the 22nd of September 2000

I'm feeling old. As of Wednesday I'm no longer a teenager. This is somewhat of an odd sensation and not one I'm altogether comfortable with. It's like suddenly I'm expected to act more mature and to not do stuff like invent The Life of Nob T. Mouse. Only one way to cure this feeling: shopping! So off I went.

The shopping trip only lasted three hours, but in that time a friend and I trawled music shops, a sci-fi shop and lots of other strange places; looking at stuff, pressing buttons and generally fiddling with stuff while talking, giving our opinions on things to each other (sometimes they were good opinions, too. Not often, though, as we generally warned each other off bad stuff). I bought a number of things, including Supergirl #49 and volume two of the Neon Genesis Evangellion manga; both of which will be reviewed soon after I get my 2000 AD reviews up to date.

The shopping helped for a while, untill my grandparents came 'round and kept going on about how I wasn't a teenager anymore. They really know how to make a person feel like leaving the room quickly while screaming obsceneties at them.

I feel the need to get really, really drunk. Again.

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