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Nobby's Super Website of Fun Meridian Review: Issue 3
Last update: 27th September 2000

Issue 3

While I'll freely admit that I'm not a fantasy comics fan, prefering something more in my own sphere of writing (ie sci-fi, usually space opera stuff but my penchant is for hard-core sci-fi) I still enjoyed this comic. It's got a refreshing style to it, with an almost child-like style of storytelling which is actually rather enjoyable.

I'm not too keen on the artwork, however. It's very basic and there's a distinct lack of detail, making me think of the worst of the computer-coloured art from 2000 AD. This has more Roadkill-style artwork than Strontium Dog-style (although no one can come close to matching Carlos Ezquerra, so maybe that's an unfair comparison). However, having said this I will say that it does work well here, adding to the childlike feel of the story. Definitely one to watch over the coming months, to see if it blossoms into something really good; which I hope it does.

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