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Nobby's Super Website of Fun Diary Entry
For: 19th September 2000

Having been in a creative mood lately, I've finally gotten around to beginning part one of my Unholy Crusade comic series. I've written two pages out of five for part one (each part will be 5 pages long. I'm trying to set it so it could be pitched to something like 2000 AD) and I'm pretty happy with them. The people in #icq seemed to like them too, although it did spark a question and answer debate on how vampires can be seen on CCTV (they can't, but their clothes can. That's how I see it anyway and since I'm in charge, that's what happens >:)).

Aside from this, not a lot's happened. I still can't draw Grendel Lune in a way I'm pleased with and I can't decide on Velmat's overall look, even though I've begun writing, although that doesn't matter too much as he isn't visible in any shot he's been in yet - not because I can't decide on what he looks like but because although he needs to be in the scene he's in, I don't want both main 'bad guys' to be shown in the first episode.

Ah well. More thought and practice are what is needed, I think.

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